Step Three: Transformation

“May I Be Transformed Into My Highest Ideal”

In order to make positive changes in our lives, it is very helpful to visualize our ideal life goals, to assess our present condition, to confess our shortcomings, to feel remorse, to forgive and commit to a fresh start. Please contemplate the following questions and formulate your transformative commitments in your journal. Your contemplative writing will provide the foundation for your personal contemplation on transformation, the third step in our meditation.

For additional information on this step, please refer to the book InterSpiritual Meditation. The following materials are provided to stimulate your journaling.

Poems, Stanzas, and Scriptural Passages

Below are inspirational verses from various traditions to help stimulate your own contemplation and journaling on transformation.


Come to know the One
In the presence before you
And everything hidden from you will be revealed….
When you are able
to make two become one,
the inside like the outside,
and the outside like the inside
the higher like the lower,
so that a man is no longer male,
and a woman, female,
but male and female become a single whole…
Then you shall enter in.
Gospel of Thomas, Logion 22


Taoist Precepts

~Becoming One with the Tao~

1. Practice inaction and effortless flow (wu wei);
2. Be supple and soft;
3. Guard the feminine, and don’t be first;
4. Be nameless;
5. Practice purity and tranquility;
6. Engage in only good and skillful behavior;
7. Practice desirelessness;
8. Be contented;
9. Yield and withdraw.


“It is just like what happens when all the kernels,
The husks of which have not yet been washed away,
Are disdained by someone who is impoverished,
And said to be something to be discarded.
But although the outside seems like something useless,
The inside is genuine and not to be destroyed.
After the husks are removed,
It becomes food fit for a king.
I see that all kinds of beings
Have a buddhagarbha (Buddha Nature) hidden by klesas.
I preach the removal of those things
To enable them to attain universal wisdom.
Just as I have a Tathagata nature,
So do all beings.
When they develop it and purify it,
They quickly attain the highest path.
(The Tathagatagarbha Sutra)


Just as a caterpillar,
Having reached the end of a blade of grass
And approaching another one, collects itself
[For making the transition],
Even so this atman, having discarded
The body and overcome ignorance,
Approaching another one
Collects itself [for making the transition]


Just as a goldsmith,
Taking an object of gold,
Fashions it afresh into another
New and more beautiful form,
So the atman, discarding this body
And dispersing its ignorance,
Makes for itself another
New and more beautiful form:
That of the Fathers, the spirits, the Gods,
Prajapati, Brahman, or of other beings.

This atman is in truth Brahman,
Consisting of consciousness,
Desire and desirelessness,
Righteousness and unrighteousness.
According to one’s deeds,
According to one’s behavior,
So one becomes.(Brhadaranyaka Upanishad, IV)
The one who does good becomes good,
The one who does evil becomes evil.
One becomes virtuous by virtuous action
And evil by evil action.
But others say that
The human being consists of desire;
As is the desire, so is the intention, a
And as is the intention, so is the action.
And whatever the action, that is what is obtained.

Islam – Sufiism

Steadfast keep thy strength of heart,
For desires not to divert thy heart.
Concentrate thy powers and might,
For this is the meaning of life.
Purify thy heart in Truth,
Thy mirror is then cleansed and pure.
Thyself unite, for the call Divine,
To reveal in thee all life.(Hazrat Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha, The Epic of Existence)
When the heart is pure and clear,
To heaven its journey’s then.
When God unfolds thy heart,
Mirror of heart reflects thy lord.
Selfless and pure when life be thine,
Salek of religion as Mohammad doth Shine.
United with God thy life is blessed,
In solitude of heart thou findest faith.

(3) TRANSFORMATION: May We be Transformed into Our Highest Ideal

This ignorance does
A prison make,
Only true wisdom
Helps me escape.

My many faults
I now confess,
And clear them all
Through forgiveness.

Freedom lies
Inside, not out,
Of this pure truth
I have no doubt.

I know that
Real happiness
Must arise from my
Own consciousness.

Within my being’s
Sacred design,
Resides the heart
Of the divine.

Ed Bastian