Step 7 – Dedication
“May I Be in Service to All Beings”

We have come on a good road
Of loving one another
And sticking by one another.
At this time we will disperse,
So keep the good work
And love one another.
That is the road that we came from,
The road of life,
Nothing but good,
And have strong will power
To do all this.
And all this, it will be so.
(Slow Buffalo, Lakota Chief)

Now as we conclude our course on ISM, we focus on Step Seven and our dedication to integrate our meditation practice into all facets of our lives.

Visualizing our family, friends, colleagues, antagonists, and all beings throughout the world we rededicate ourselves to becoming servants of peace, justice, and environmental health. May this meditation help us to engage together in the world with wisdom patient kindness and wise compassion.  And may our service to others indirectly result in greater happiness and health for ourselves.

Before we complete our meditation, we imagine the challenges we will face in the coming hours or days, and we consciously bring our this meditation into each of those moments.  In essence, we pre-load and infuse each future moment with this meditation.  In this way each experience in our life provides an opportunity for practice. We can be especially grateful for the challenges because we now have the tools to transform them into opportunities.

(1) Video Intro:

(2) Readings: ISM Part II, Step Seven, Pages 143-150, Verses of Dedication

(3) Resources: Take a look at the additional resources I have provided for this topic and do some of your own research.  Gather together and reflect on your own resources, life experiences and inner vision for the ways you will bring this meditation into your daily life.

(4) Journaling: Contemplate and write about the challenges you are likely to encounter and how you will infuse each of them with this meditation.  Be quite specific here.  Then, at the end of the day, write about how this worked.  In this way, meditation becomes an integrated, interactive experience with each moment in our daily lives.  

(5) Meditation: Practice the seven steps with special emphasis on Step Seven.

(6) Weekly Class Audio-Video Recordings

If you weren’t able to attend the live online class, or would like to watch/listen again, please click the following link.

Click here for the video recordings of our weekly classes.

(7) Reflections: The goal of ISM is to cultivate a mature contemplative practice to serve both others and ourselves.  As we conclude our meditation session, it is important to visualize the coming day and the challenges that you will face.  As you visualize these challenges, vow to bring this meditation into each of these moments both to serve yourself and the others.  Imagine how you will gratefully transform each challenge into an opportunity.   Please express your reflections below.

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