Step 7: Dedication to Service
“May I Be in Service to All”

Questions to Stimulate Contemplation and Journaling 

The world’s contemplative traditions concur on the importance of dedicating the benefits of meditation to the wellbeing of others.  Here are a series of questions to stimulate your journaling on how you will bring your meditation into your daily life for the benefit of others as well as yourself.

  • What qualities and attributes of this entire meditation will you bring into the coming day(s)? How will you carry these with you in each moment?
  • What are the relationships and who are the people in your life with whom you experience stress, unhappiness, unease, and anger? How will you bring the qualities and attributes of this meditation into your interactions with them?
  • What are the situations in which you become stressed, impatient, unhappy, and angry? How will you bring the attributes of this meditation into those situations?
  • What are the recurring worries in your life, whether they are people, finances, job, relationships, or uncertainty over the future? How will you apply this meditation as an antidote to these?
  • How will you be mindful of, and monitor your own negative inner states mind that arise in these circumstances?