(1) Weekly Class Audio-Video Recordings

Here is a link to the video recordings of our weekly classes.

Here are several versions of the guided meditations and original ISM verses for our course.

(2) Guided Meditation

This version of ISM is simply a guided meditation with a couple of minutes of silence for each of the 7 steps.

Click here to download a copy an MP3 file of this ISM onto your own computer.

(3) Guided Meditation with Music

This version of ISM combines a guided meditation with spiritual music for each step from six ancient traditions.  Step 1 is by Carlos Nakai from the Native American tradition.  Step 2 is by Shaikha Camille Helminski from the Sufi tradition of Islam.  Step 3 is from the Jewish tradition by Rabbi Zalman Schachter.  Step 4 is from the Celtic Christian Ceile De tradition by Fiona Davidson.  Step 5 is from the Hindu tradition by Swami Atmarupananda.  Step 6 is from the Tibetan Buddhism tradition by the monks of Ganden Loseling. The entire meditation is encapsulated within wonderful composition “Dawn of the Millenium” by cello master Michael Fitzpatrick    (It is not presently available for download.)

(4) Song & Verses of InterSpiritual Meditation

This was recorded at dawn on my sailboat in an anchorage at Santa Cruz Island.

(5) Verses to InterSpiritual Meditation, by Ed Bastian

I was inspired to write these verses by my Buddhist training wherein I learned to read the ancient Sanskrit and Tibetan texts that often began with metrical verses.  The verses provided an outline to the entire subject and helped practitioners to remember all the details.  So, I tried to do the same for InterSpiritual Meditation hoping that others might find it helpful.

(1) MOTIVATION: May We be Happy and Healthy

In all the world
I cannot find
The source of peace
Outside my mind.

Neither play, nor drink,
Nor sex, nor food,
Can cause a constant
Blissful mood.

The things I see,
Touch, smell, taste, hear,
Cause both joy and pain,
Hope and fear.

Meditation relieves
my mind of stress,
Leading me to health
And happiness.

(2) GRATITUDE: May We be Grateful for Life’s Many Gifts

To all my teachers,
I beseech,
Please stay near
and help me teach.

You wisdom helped me
To find my way,
For constant blessings
I will always pray.

To the natural world
That sustains my living
I honor her
For always giving.

Life’s bliss and pain
both provide
fertile fields
For wisdom’s growth.

(3) TRANSFORMATION: May We be Transformed into Our Highest Ideal

This ignorance does
A prison make,
Only true wisdom
Helps me escape.

My many faults
I now confess,
And clear them all
Through forgiveness.

Freedom lies
Inside, not out,
Of this pure truth
I have no doubt.

I know that
Real happiness
Must arise from my
Own consciousness.

Within my being’s
Sacred design,
Resides the heart
Of the divine.

(4) COMPASSION: My We be Loving and Compassionate

For those who
Live in misery
I engage in
active empathy.

To help all creatures
To be free,
I place their joy
In front of me.

With love’s
Compassionate intent,
I strive for pure

The only true
Pain prevention
Is my
Compassionate intention.

(5) MINDFULNESS: May We be Mindful Through Breathing

Mindfully my
Breathing starts,
My consciousness
Goes to my heart.

Within the silence
Of my breath,
There is no birth,
There is no death.

When thoughts
disturb the stillness,
I return
To emptiness.

And then I rest
With tranquil mind
In unity
With the divine.

(6) MEDITATION: May We become Wise Through Meditation

I rest into
A sacred presence
Joined as one
Eternal essence.

The silent wisdom
Keeps me seeing
The loving nature
Of my being.

Sacred light pervades
Me through and through,
And bliss descends
Like mountain dew.

Radiating out,
I now impart
Rainbows of healing
From my heart.

(7) DEDICATION: May We Serve All Beings

I send love to friends
And foes who fight
To oppressors and
Oppressed alike.

I see the people
In my life
And vow to help
Overcome their strife.

I vow to sustain
This peace of mind,
To all I meet
I will be kind.

Liberation for all
Is my dedication;
May you be blessed
By this meditation.