Welcome to the Spiritual Styles Profile Tool!
The profiling tool will help you discover your archetypal spiritual styles and harness them to create your spiritual path. Your styles may shift over the course of your life. Therefore the present results of this instrument are informative but not fixed for all time. The results will simply help stimulate a greater inner awareness about how you learn and how you can harness your natural styles for learning and practicing.  If you are a teacher or mentor, this instrument can help you to know your student better and to help them to gain greater self knowledge.  In this way, you are not telling them what to believe and how to practice, but midwifing their personal discovery of a spiritual path and/or a contemplative practice.

Instructions for Using the Spiritual Questions Profile Tool
Please read the following statements and give yourself a numerical rating indicating your level of resonance with them.  1=Never, 2=Rarely, 3=Occasionally, 4=Often, 5=Always. When you complete this profile, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. You will then see the results of your profile and be sent a copy by email.

Please do not over-think these statements!  Just give each a “gut response” by ranking them 1 – 5 in term of your level of resonance right now.  This is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers.  Our goal here is simply to honor and harness the spiritual styles that are dominant us at this stage of our spiritual journey.  Once we begin to live into our natural styles, we can harness and balance them in our search for the answers and practices that work best for us.