Videos of Great Teachers from Diverse Traditions on Health and Happiness.

These videos are provided to help ‘”prime the pump” for your own exploration and discernment about the meaning of, and how to cultivate sustainable health and happiness.  Along with your own contemplative discernment, you might also explore other authentic sources from the internet and books to help you formulate your personal definition and to formulate your personal practices leading to health and happiness.

In this video, the Dalai Lama speaks about happiness.

This video is from a program called.  It connects the cultivation of happiness with the genuine feeling of gratitude.  I include it to demonstrate a secular, common sense take on the connection between happiness and gratitude.

Here is a video of Matthieu Ricard, a scientist and Buddhist monk who has been called “The happiest man in the world.

Harvard Professor Shawn Achor gave this fun Ted talk on how to become happy.  You’ll notice that he lists a few of the steps in ISM as part of a scientifically valid formula for happiness.