Creating Your Spiritual Path
The Spiritual Paths Mandala

Honoring Your Archetypal Spiritual Styles — Answering Your Spiritual Questions —
Discerning the Right Practices for You



Courses on the Spiritual Paths Mandala provides an InterSpiritual and an integral process for creating a spiritual path.  It outlines a life-long journey of spiritual inquiry, insight and integration wherein we are empowered to fully engage the challenges of the world from the inside out.

The Mandala contains twelve families of spiritual styles, questions and traditions.  By systematically moving through these, we collect and integrate the knowledge, practices and experiences that give our lives meaning, joy and purpose.

We begin by discerning and honoring our archetypal spiritual styles and deepest spiritual questions. Our archetypal spiritual styles often lie hidden in our unconscious minds.  Yet they are the lenses through which we interpret the world and shape our spiritual path. Once we recognize and honor our natural styles and ‘know how we know,’ our answers can emerge, our spiritual path can be defined and our lives can have ultimate meaning and purpose.


In our courses we learn to harness archetypal spiritual styles to find answers to our deepest spiritual questions and to discern the best spiritual practices for us.  We  learn the tools for helping others do the same. Our course will focus on the following:

  1. The Spiritual Styles Profiling Instrument™ for discovering our spiritual styles, i.e., the lenses that condition our ways of knowing.
  2. The Spiritual Questions Profiling Instrument™ for identifying our primary and secondary questions.
  3. Harnessing our spiritual styles to find our answers and to discern our best practices.
  4. Refining our answers and insights through InterSpiritual Meditation.
  5. Integrating these insights into our daily lives.
  6. Learning to mentor others in this process.


Course Elements for In-Person & Web-Streaming Retreats

Sessions to explore each of the seven steps and to support our individual contemplative practices and spiritual aspirations.

  • A book and workbook on InterSpiritual Mandala process
  • Online materials and discussions to expand our understanding and deepen our practices.
  • Individual journaling to discern, refine, and sustain our respective practices.
  • Deep dialog between the teacher and participants
  • Daily meditation practice.

Retreat Fees

Fees for these retreats and web-streaming are set by the partnering organizations.


The in-person retreats are being offered in partnership with other leading spiritual education organizations.  Registration for these is being handled by these organizations.  When a retreat is offered independently by the Spiritual Paths Foundation, registration is handled directly by Spiritual Paths.  All future programs are listed on the the Home Page under Programs and Events.


Online Course Elements

This course contains the following elements:

  1. Selected readings from  “Creating Your Spiritual Path.”
  2. Links to relevant online resources.
  3. Daily individual meditations.
  4. Guided audio meditations.
  5. Weekly live audio-video classes.
  6. Supplementary written, audio, and video resource materials
  7. Audio-video presentations on each of the topics.
  8. Online discussions with classmates on major topics and subtopics.
  9. Private online journal to share only with the teacher.
  10. General forum for open discussions within the class.
  11. A final paper or project for those enrolled in the InterSpiritual Mentor Certification

Registration Process:

  1. Fill out the online student information form. 
  2. If accepted, you will receive a link for completing your registration and your student profile.
  3. Course payment will be processed through a Paypal link provided during the registration process.
  4. Once these tasks are complete, the online course will be available to you.

Online Course Schedule:

The online course will last 8 – 10 weeks. Each week there will be a live webinar and discussion. The time of this weekly live class will be set once the cohort is formed and we discern the best time for the most people.  After we receive your completed student information form, we will notify you of final details before completing your registration.

InterSpiritual Mentor Certification

These courses are steps in the mentor certification process.  Those who fully engage and successfully complete this course will be eligible to deepen their work towards teacher certification through subsequent courses and direct mentoring with Ed Bastian.

Dr. Ed Bastian

Dr. Ed Bastian

Ed Bastian, Ph.D. 

Courses on the Spiritual Paths Mandala are taught by Dr. Ed Bastian, the founder and president of the Spiritual Paths Foundation. Dr. Ed Bastian holds a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies and is an award-winning author of “Living Fully Dying Well,” “InterSpiritual Meditation” and publisher of “Meditations for InterSpiritual Wisdom,” and has produced acclaimed documentaries on religion for the BBC and PBS.  Ed has worked closely with over fifty Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Taoist, and Native American contemplative teachers, and has been an early and longtime participant in Fr. Thomas Keating’s Snowmass gatherings of contemplative leaders of many faiths. A former program director and teacher of Buddhism and world religions for the Smithsonian Institution, internet entrepreneur and environmentalist, Ed has taught throughout the United States and Canada.  He is also an Adjunct Professor at Antioch University in Santa Barbara where he is teaching courses on Buddhism, meditation and religion.

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